Care Ministry

Caring Community is how Hope cares and supports people going through difficult times.

Our Philosophy on Caring

  • Care takes place best in the context of meaningful relationship such as a small group
  • Addressing deep physiological and emotional needs takes place best with trained counselors and shepherds
  • For those not in community or in need of special help, an individual or team can come alongside.

Some ways that Hope Cares:

  • Counsel - Limited counseling is available to assess needs and then refer to recommended Christian counselors.
  • Prayer Support - A group regularly prays for needs of our church family. Hope¬†communicates the weekly prayer requests as well as emergency needs via email.
  • Financial Assistance - Limited financial assistance is available for those who are connected with Hope.
  • Financial Education - One-on-one financial counseling is available, and church-wide financial training is offered through Financial Peace University classes.
  • Compassion Support - Practical support, such as meals and personal visits, is available for those experiencing birth, illness, death of a loved one and other demanding life situations.
  • Hospital Visitation - Trained chaplains make prompt visits to those in local hospitals

If you know of someone who needs meals or visitation or other assistance...Contact or call the church office at 717-653-7168.