Externally Focused

By Externally Focused this is what we mean: Engaging others around us, locally, regionally and globally in personal, small group and corporate action to bring the whole gospel to the whole person. Engaging others happens when we join in God’s mission, share the hope of the whole gospel, help those in need, and partner with others. Thus, we could say that becoming externally focused is about joining, sharing, helping and partnering in personal, small group and corporate action.

  • Joining in God’s mission
    We believe that God is a missionary God who sent His son Jesus to redeem a broken world and that all who follow Jesus are sent by Him to their unique cultural environment to live out that message in words and actions. God maintains an external focus and so will we.
  • Sharing the hope of the whole Gospel
    We believe that our focus must be on communicating the whole Gospel for the whole person. The whole Gospel includes doing good to help meet the physical needs of others and speaking truth that helps to meet their emotional and spiritual needs. Both are essential actions of our external focus.
  • Helping those in need
    We believe God commands us to care for the poor, the orphaned, the widow and to seek justice for the oppressed. As we do, we share His love and we grow in knowledge of Him. God cares for those who are in need and so will we.
  • Partnering with others
    We are committed to partnership, believing that the regional Church will have a greater impact if the local churches and Christian organizations work together to meet physical and spiritual needs. Our external focus will include partnering with others.

Hope is externally focused in many ways.  We serve corporately as a church body and in specific ministries.  We partner with local organizations, work with regional groups, and support global missionaries.