Care Team

Supporting People Through Hardships

The Care Team works to meet the physical and spiritual needs of those hurting within our body.  The care ministry provides meals, support for funerals, financial assistance, counseling, and visitation.

Our Philosophy on Caring

  • Care takes place best in the context of meaningful relationship such as a small group
  • Addressing deep physiological and emotional needs takes place best with trained counselors and shepherds
  • For those not in community or in need of special help, an individual or team can come alongside.

Some ways that Hope Cares:

  • Counsel –Limited counseling is available to assess needs and then refer to recommended Christian counselors.
  • Prayer Support –A group regularly prays for needs of our church family. Hope communicates the weekly prayer requests as well as emergency needs via email.
  • Financial Assistance –Limited financial assistance is available for those who are connected with Hope.
  • Financial Education –One-on-one financial counseling is available, and church-wide financial training is offered through Financial Peace University classes.
  • Compassion Support –Practical support, such as meals and personal visits, is available for those experiencing birth, illness, death of a loved one and other demanding life situations.
  • Hospital Visitation –Trained chaplains make prompt visits to those in local hospitals.

If you know of someone who needs meals or visitation or other assistance… contact Dawn Harper at or call the church office at 717-653-7168.