Internally Strong

  • Knowing Jesus and His word 
    We believe God has spoken through both the Bible and by entering the world as the person Jesus. Knowing Jesus, His word and doing what He says will make us internally strong.
  • Being transformed into His likeness
    We believe that our lives can and should change to become more and more like Jesus. It all starts with placing our faith in Him as the one to save and change us. Through prayer, bible study, worship, mediation and living by the Spirit we expect to become internally strong.
  • Doing what we are made to do
    We believe that each person is unique in their personality, passions, and gifts and ought to freely utilize his or her unique gifts in serving both those who are a part of the body of Hope and those who are not. Serving others by doing what we are made to do helps us to become internally strong.
  • Connecting with others in meaningful relationships
    We believe that people are designed for relationship and that it is our responsibility to pursue meaningful relationships with those around us. Living in meaningful relationships helps to produce internal strength because we find places where we can belong, be cared for, be real, find direction, be challenge, and be held accountable to become more like Jesus.