May 9, 2022
Dr. Kirk Belmont

In Search of The Sinful One

We are learning about the heart of God and examining what our heart ought to be toward others and how we should behave as God invites us into the practice of Searching for One. The Bible uses the word Hamartōlós to describe the life this woman was living. This word has a derogatory nuance and is used for those living in conscious opposition to God’s law or in distinction from respectable people. Most likely she lived as a prostitute and probably never knew love, never experienced genuine care, never was accepted. She knew what it was to be despised, rejected, ridiculed and judged. As she knelt at the feet Jesus weeping, this might have been the first time she was treated with kindness, acceptance, and love. Like Simon the Pharisee, we often judge and condemn others for their sin. We think to ourselves that another is wrong or bad and may walk right on by because that person doesn't meet our standard. God is calling us to see people the way Jesus sees people.

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